How This Social Networking Site Will Continue to Grow

But the companys recent earnings report showed that Facebook has finally turned a corner. With revenue and earnings per share of $1.81 billion and $0.19, respectively, Facebook crushed analyst expectations of $1.6 billion in revenue and $0.14 earnings per share.Those impressive numbers are just the beginning of CEO Mark Zuckerbergs overall goals. 3 Goals Zuckerberg has said that Facebooks 3 goals are to connect everyone, understand the world, and help build the knowledge economy. Connecting everyone means getting Facebook to the remaining 5 billion people who arent already part of the community. In the last quarter, the company added 45 million monthly users. In addition, total daily users have increased to 700 million. Current users total roughly 1.15 billion people, who spent a combined 20 billion minutes a day on Facebook during June.

SOCIAL NETWORKING GOD: 350+ Social Networking Sites

Even if its a hook up of the extra-marital variety. I hate to think of the number of relationships and even marriages that have ended as a result of social more social media marketing networking. And when they do, where is the first place people share the news? On that same social networking site, of course. Over-Sharing & Loss of Privacy This is perhaps the biggest impact for the worse that social networking as a whole is having on society. The very concept of privacy seems to be inexorably eroding, and at a fantastic pace. Those of us who are connected to the Internet are connected 24/7, and we have immersed ourselves in an extension of society in which privacy is not treated with the high regard it is offline.

The Negative Impact Of Social Networking Sites On Society [Opinion]

pros and cons of social networking

Lovento – Lovento allows you to discover news friends and also find information about latest events. – Multiply is a social networking website providing easy way to share digital media which includes photos, videos and music. Mycool – Mycool enables members to find and share their interests with special groups. – MySpace is an interactive social networking website consisting of personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos. It’s currently the biggest social networking site out there, and while it might not be the most advanced one, the users seem to love its simplicity. – A comprehensive social networking site enabling users to make new online friends and discover old ones. Netlog – A social community of more than 20 million young Europeans.

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