Timing Of The Pretribulation Rapture

Available in this Rapture video clip the timing of the rapture will be discussed. Can potentially the time of the pretrib rapture end up being involving The Feast of Trumpets? Jesus Christ will soon come to take the actual Christ-followers walking by The Holy Spirit.

These are the end days! The Short Coming Signs in the Heavens are becoming much closer. The rapture of genuine Christian believers is very close. Have you been helping awaken your friends and relations? MORE Under!

*Remember to SHARE This specific presentation is intended to be a witnessing tool for being given to and presented to the ones you love which may not know about or just reject to appreciate Scriptures prophecy and also the warnings regarding the times.

Jesus Christ provides us an escape from the upcoming 7 years of hell-on-earth. In Luke 21:36 we read that He told us to watch and pray that we may escape all things. This getaway is the rapture of His church Prior to the tribulation! HalleluYah!

Please note: To assert to know the “day and hour” of the rapture or second coming of Messiah, one needs first the actual year. Because I are unsure the years of those events, no rapture date is mentioned or stated within this video. Simply this url When is the rapture a time-frame was demonstrated based on scriptural, astronomical and Hebraic points.

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